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Eco-friendly chipping, trimming, and garden waste removal from Victoria – Nanaimo.





Leo Gillespie is proud to announce that he is now the new owner/ operator of Wee Chip Cowichan. With over 15 years of experience as a fully insured certified faller, climber, and danger tree assessor, he brings with him much needed professional tree servicing opportunities. He is very excited about the many changes he’ll be bringing to this amazing company and looks forward to continuing to offer chipping as well as tree removal services to the community.

Located in Duncan and serving the surrounding areas.

Message, text, or call Leo @ 250-709-9112.

If you have a pile of branches in need of chipping from your storm, spring, or winter clean up, we can get the job done. We can also chip trim ends and slabs from small sawmills.


Have You Got Bushes

and Branches That

Need Chipping?

Need A Few

Overgrown Trees

or Branches Removed?

If That Sounds Like You


Wee Chip Cowichan

We Do It All

For You!

Did you know that renting a DIY chipper can be very dangerous!

Chippers, especially the kind and size that we operate, can be very dangerous machines. Lives and limbs have been lost because of a lack of training and understanding of how these machines work and what can and cannot be done with them. Accidents happen and they happen very quickly with devastating results.

Renting a chipper without the proper training can be like playing Russian roulette!

When you rent a chipper you’ll have to sign a Liability Waiver, go through a very quick lesson on the machine, usually from someone with no experience, and you will need a tow vehicle to move the machine.

Hiring a trained professional just makes sense!

At Wee Chip Cowichan, we have gone through all the training for the proper operation of various sizes of chippers. We are Work Safe BC Certified, Bonded and Insured. We have had the training required for the safe use and operating procedures for these machines. We know what can and cannot be safely done.

So why rent a chipper when it’s far safer to let Wee Chip Cowichan do the work!

Forget about renting and chancing an injury, call Wee Chip Cowichan. In most cases we can do the job a lot cheaper! Did you know that our services include clean up, the hauling away of all the cuttings and provides the highest standard of safety. Chipping Trimming Wood Splitting The Safe Way 

Give Wee Chip Cowichan a call and let us do the job for you.

Before You Call Wee Chip Cowichan

Proper preparation of waste greenery and stacking saves you money!

We get calls that sound something like this all the time,

Customer: “Hi, can you come over and chip a big pile of branches?”
Wee Chip: “How big is the pile? Is it the size of a small car or the size of a large pickup truck?”
Customer: “Somewhere in between?”
Wee Chip: “Is it hand piled or machine piled?”
Customer: “I don’t know my spouse did it!”
Wee Chip: “Does it look like a bonfire or a neatly stacked pile of sticks?”
Customer: “Um…(silence)”

At this point, I tell people that the better stacked the pile is, the faster I can chip it and the more money they will save.

“The Bonfire”

Messy, chaotic and unmanageable!

“The Parade”

Organized, efficient and accessible.

So remember, if their greenery pile looks like a large unruly bonfire, it is going to cost them more money, then if it looks like a neatly stacked pile of branches and greenery all facing the same direction. A little preparation and the proper stacking of waste material will always save you money! Chipping, Trimming, and Tree Services Done The Safe Way!

Wee Chip Cowichan

Offering an affordable Eco-friendly alternative to burning.



Chipping, limbing, trimming and pruning services to residential and small businesses.

Call for your free estimate today! Proudly serving Cobble Hill, Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith & Lake Cowichan