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Here are our most frequently asked questions.

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How Much?
Our prices will be job dependant. We will be offering a door to door service so our prices will be dependent on the amount to be chipped of course the longer we are on the job the more it will cost. We can have a free look at the job to give the Home owner a better idea. We will be in certain neighborhoods every day. The home owner can save money by making sure that all the branches are neatly stacked with the big ends out and stacked along the road or driveway. If we have to start digging through a pile or having to drag the branches a long distance it will cost more. Keep in mind certain species of trees will chip faster than others as well as new branches as opposed to old ones.
What are your hours?
We will be available Monday to Saturday 9 am to 6 pm. At any other time we will do our best to accommodate.
Do you clean up after chipping?
Yes, Wee Chip Cowichan, will sweep and rake up the area to the best of our abilities to make sure it looks like we weren’t there at all.
Why is chipping better than burning?
Chipping is better than burning in that it takes less time with very little emissions. The various Governments in the Cowichan Valley are becoming more and more concerned about the amount of smoke from burning. The people living in the valley with Heart and Lung conditions have a very difficult time when there is lots of smoke and many are confined to their homes. With hotter and drier than normal weather having branches laying around can also become fuel for an interface forest fire.

One only has to look at the recent forest fires in the news to realize that having excess fuel laying around is not good. Wood chips will break down faster that whole branches becoming nutrients for the soil, depending on the temperature. Of all the mulch materials wood chips are the best. They have good moisture retention, can moderate temperature, are great for weed control and are good to enhance the production of plants.

If wood chips are added to a layer of peat moss this will become like the mulch layer on a forest floor. 4-6 inches of mulch is the rule of thumb anything less could promote weed growth. In some hotter areas wood chips will actually allow the soil to retain water. On our property we have a 4-6 inch layer of mulch in various areas and any weeds that do pop up are very easy to pull out, without the use of chemicals.

What will you do with the residual from my job?
The residual from our jobs will be hauled away if the customer does not want it and will be offered to the various nurseries in the area. After that we will use it to enhance our landscape or bag it in burlap sacks and sell it for a small charge.
Can I not take the branches to the recycle depot myself?
Yes of course you can and it’s free. From an Environmental view point, you gather up the branches, load them into your truck or car, trailer etc, tie the load down and tarp if necessary, drive to the depot, unload them into a big bin, clean out your vehicle or trailer then drive home.

When the large bin at the depot is full it is loaded on a big truck and driven several miles away where it is dumped then loaded with a big diesel loader into a big diesel chipper/shredder and then stock piled with a big diesel loader. That’s a lot of handling and a lot of exhaust into the air, whereas we can be at your home and chip that same pile in less than, in most cases, 1 hour.

That’s a big savings on the environment not to mention the time savings and wear and tear on the home owner’s vehicle or trailer. The time that the customer saves by having us come and chip for them can now be used for other activities.

Do you do storm clean up?
Yes, Wee Chip Cowichan will especially endeavor to get as much done as we can after a big storm. Even if it means working longer hours. We have 3 sizes of chain saws and can handle pretty much anything.
Are you insured?
Yes, we are insured, as well Wee Chip Cowichan also has a Licensed, Insured and Bonded Electrical Contractor.
Do you work in bad weather?
Yes, we are not afraid to get dirty or wet. However on extremely snowy days when nothings moving, we use those days for maintenance on our equipment. We always consider “Safety First and Foremost”!
How can I pay you?
At this time we are only take cash or cheques. Please note we have a $35.00 NSF fee, but we believe in the people of the Cowichan Valley and don’t think that will be an issue.
Can you chip my scrap lumber?
Yes we can, but it has to be clean. No nails, staples, screws, etc. Any pressure treated lumber we will chip into a separate pile because of the chemicals in it. We can chip from a 1X1 board to a 6×6 board any length.
Wee Chip Cowichan Chipper For Hire
We offer a Residential chipping service. We can limb up to 12 feet. Our chipper can chip from 1 inch to 6 inches. We can also chip slabs up to 12 inches. We haul away the chippings and leave the area as clean as possible. We can also leave the chippings for the Home owner simply by turning the discharge chute. We consider anything big than 6 inches in diameter to be firewood and we can remove that as well.

We are also Licensed, Insured and Bonded Electrical Contractors, so we can also limb those pesky branches hanging over the power line to the Residence.

Our chipper is light weight and so if a homeowner has a particular area where they want the chipping done we will endeavor to get our chipper into that area. We can also do hedge trimming depending on the soil condition, height, width and species. In these cases, it’s best we take a look at your proposed area first and give you a courtesy call and a free estimate.

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